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Australian Open Carnival 2004

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The Australian Open 

Royal Melbourne Tennis Club 2004


30/08/04 Day Eight:  Doubles Final
Rob and Ruaraidh won the doubles 6/1,6/3,6/3.  However Ruaraidh had other things on his mind.  

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The happy couple........and that ring!!!!!!!!!!!!
Steve won the first point receiving to Ruaraidh with a shot into the Dedans, but Rob won the first game also in the Dedans.  The score in the first set didn't reflect the closeness of the games.  Rob won the set with a full stretch half volley into the Hazard Galleries.     
1st Set Grille Winning Galleries Dedans
RG / RF 2 4
SV / BD  2 1
In the second set, Rob played a dummy Grille drive and played a lob at the last moment with great deception. Rob and Ruaraidh went to a 5-0 lead before Steve and Brad got it together losing the second set 6-3. Rob won  the set standing next to last gallery, the chase was Hazard worse than two and Rob hit it straight in the Winning Gallery, after boasting it off the Mainwall.
2nd Set Grille Winning Galleries Dedans
RG / RF 1 3 8
SV / BD  2 2
Steve and Brad took the lead briefly in the third set before Rob and Ruaraidh took command again finally winning  the set 6-3. The were many deuce games in the match but Rob and Ruaraidh ran out the winners in straight sets.
3rd Set Grille Winning Galleries Dedans
RG / RF 1 3 2
SV / BD  2 1
30/08/04 Day Seven:  Singles Final
Ruaraidh Rob
The Singles finalists Rob moments after winning
Tonight Rob Fahey won his ninth Australian Open defeating Ruaraidh Gunn 6/0,6/4,6/3.

The first set Rob came out blasting with accuracy. Rob hit a super topspin backhand into the grille. The fifth game was long and Ruaraidh played great tennis too but just couldn't get on the scoreboard. Rob finished the set with a mainwall dedan.

1st Set Grille Winning Gallery Dedans
Rob 2 4
Ruaraidh 1 1

In the second set, Rob was mixing power and hitting to length. The set went game for game to four all. At 5-4 Rob confused Mat Ronaldson who was marking by hitting the Dedans edge sending the ball back to the hazard end on the full. In Australia, it is chase the line. Rob won the set 6-4

2nd Set Grille Winning Gallery Dedans
Rob 2 1 5
Ruaraidh 2 3

The third set saw Rob lift to go ahead 3-1 with Ruaraidh making some unforced errors, Rob eventually winning 6-3 in the third.

3rd Set Grille Winning Gallery Dedans
Rob 2
Ruaraidh 1 3
29/08/04 Day Six:  Doubles Semi Finals, Ladies Finals Singles & Doubles
The Mens doubles semis went as planned.  The Ladies doubles was almost the upset of the tournament with Laura and Xanthe having points for five all in the third set. 
Ladies Doubles finalists ......and presentation
Winner of the A singles was Jonathan Hamer who came back right at the end to win 6/2,3/6,6/5 Ladies Singles winner Prue McCahey and Royal Melbourne Tennis Club president Henry Turnbull
Ladies Singles finalists Prue and Rosie Little Fahey Xanthe Ranger
28/08/04 Day Five:  Singles Semi Finals, Ladies Singles & Doubles
Today Rob showed why he is world champion although Steve had his chances.  Ruaraidh was slow off the mark again however Mike Happell played at his very best, thrilling the gallery and Prue is going to be tough to beat.
No Guts, No Glory
Prue McCahey Laura & Rosie Steve & Jo
Steve & Alistair Rob Fahey Mike Happell
Jo Edwards Mike Happell...awesome Prue McCahey
27/08/04 Day Four:  Doubles Quarter Finals  
The many faces of of a champion!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Concentrating Angry Confused Chase half a yard
Agony of defeat Confident Philosophical Bad call by marker
Matt, I'm sorry I wasn't there to take your photo on court!  Next year I promise. 
Jonnie and Owen Steve and Brad
Steve, Brad, Owen and Jonnie ARTA Medallion
26/08/04 Day Three:  Singles Quarter Finals
Andrew Fowler took a set off Ruaraidh before bowing out, Parke couldn't find the form of Tuesday and Rob is looking hard to beat.
Brett McFarlane Rob Fahey Ruaraidh Gunn
Andrew Fowler Ruaraidh Gunn Andrew Fowler
24/08/04 Day One
The first day saw Andrew Fowler in fine form, Parke O'Dwyer absolutely dynamite and Brett McFarlane wondering why he came back from the Northern Territory.  
The new glass commentary booth Grille Owen Guest
Parke O'Dwyer......big win Ruaraidh & Steve
Toby, Brett and Andrew Toby Dolman
22/08/04 Australian Pro Am
Pro Am Finalists Ted, Henry and Ruaraidh
The Australian Pro Am was won by Ruaraidh Gunn and Ted Cockram against Steve Virgona and Doug Grant 5/6, 6/5, 6/3.  Both pairs were undefeated in getting to the final.
Steve & Doug Pros and friends at the Pro Am
Steve and Jessica  Sarah and Bryn
20/08/04 Australian Pro Singles
Rob Fahey won the Australian Pro Singles 6/2, 6/2, 6/1 against Steve Virgona in a final lasting over two hours of thrilling tennis.
Rob Fahey will play Steven Virgona in the Australian Pro Singles final, Rob beating Matt Ronaldson 6/1, 6/1, 6/1 and Steve playing sensational tennis to defeat Ruaraidh Gunn 6/3, 6/1, 6/2 in the semi-finals.
Andrew Fowler serves and ready for Steve's return
The Champ watches Steve play Ruaraidh Parke and Barry in the Pro Shop
20/08/04 The 2004 Contenders

Australian Pro Singles 2004
1st Round
S- Finals
R Fahey (1)
R Fahey (1) 6/0,6/0,6/2
B Sayers  
 P O'Dwyer 6/3,4/6,6/4,1/6,6/1
P O'Dwyer  
R Fahey (1) 6/1,6/1,6/1
 M Ronaldson
   M Ronaldson 6/4,6/3,6/3
B Dale (5)
  R Fahey (1) 6/2,6/2,6/1
Australian Pro Singles Champion 2004
S Virgona (4)
S Virgona (4) 6/2,6/2,6/1
A Fowler (6)
S Virgona (4) 6/2,6/2,6/1
B Toates
R Gunn (2) 6/0,6/0,6/0
 R Gunn (2)

Australian Open Singles 2004
1st Round
S- Finals
R Fahey (1)
R Fahey (1) 6/2,6/1,6/1
B McFarlane  
B McFarlane 5/6,6/4,0/6,6/0,6/4
M Sayer  
R Fahey (1) 6/4,6/3/6/5
B Dale (5)  
P O'Dwyer 6/1,6/2,6/3
P O'Dwyer  
  S Virgona (4) 6/2,6/1,6/1
O Guest
S Virgona (4) 6/0,6/1,6/2
S Virgona (4)   R Fahey (1) 6/0,6/4,6/3
Australian Open Singles Champion 2004
  M Happell (3)  
M Happell (3) 6/0,6/2,6/1
J Davies  
M Happell (3) 6/3,6/2,6/3
B Toates  
B Sayers (7) 6/1,6/3,6/3
B Sayers (7)  
R Gunn (2) 3/6,4/6,6/3,6/2,6/4
A Fowler (6)  
A Fowler (6) 6/2,6/2,6/3
M Ronaldson  
R Gunn (2) 5/6,6/3,6/3,6/0
T Dolman  
R Gunn (2) 6/1,6/1,6/0
R Gunn (2)  

Australian Open Doubles 2004
1st Round
  R Fahey & R Gunn (1)  
B Toates & T Dolman
R Fahey & R Gunn (1) 6/0,6/1,6/0
P O'Dwyer & T Cockram 6/2,6/1,6/4  
P O'Dwyer & T Cockram
R Fahey & R Gunn (1) 6/2,6/1,6/0
 A Fowler & C Sievers (4)
 A Fowler & C Sievers (4) 5/6,6/4,6/1,6/5
B McFarlane & D Parker  
R Fahey & R Gunn (1) 6/1,6/3,6/3
  M Ronaldson & B Sayers   Australian Doubles Champions 2004
 M Happell & M Sayer (3) 6/4,6/3,3/6,6/2
M Happell & M Sayer (3)  
 S Virgona & B Dale (2) 6/3,6/3,6/0
J Davies & O Guest  
S Virgona & B Dale (2) 6/0,6/0,6/2      
S Virgona & B Dale (2)  

Australian Ladies Open Singles 2004
1st Round
S- Finals
P McCahey
P McCahey 6/1,6/0
 A Hayball
   J Edwards 6/4,6/3
 J Edwards
  P McCahey 6/1,6/3
Australian Ladies  Open Singles Champion 2004
 L Fowler
L Fowler 6/1,6/2
 X Ranger
 R Snell 4/6,6/1,6/5
 R Snell

Australian Ladies Open Doubles 2004
S- Finals
R Snell & P McCahey
R Snell & P McCahey 6/0,6/1
  L Galbraith & J McCahey
  R Snell & P McCahey 6/3,1/6,6/4
Australian Open  Ladies Doubles Champions 2004
J Edwards & A Hayball
L Fowler & X Ranger 6/2,6/1
L Fowler & X Ranger