Real Tennis 

The Australian pictorial home of the ancient racquet game - Real Tennis

Frank Filippelli - Back and in charge at Royal Melbourne
Brett McFarlane - Ballarat & Romsey, well Ballarat anyway
Jacob Potts - Where has he gone? 
Barry Toates - Heading down under down under in Hobart
Parke O'Dwyer - Seen on stages everywhere
Ruaraidh Gunn - Royal Melbourne
Steve Virgona - Currently at Philadelphia
Brad Dale - Now resting in sunny Queensland

and Tony Blom - Hobart

Rob Bartlett - Last seen in Sydney
Toby Dolman - Also lost in Sydney 
Robert Fahey - Currently Touring the World


Kate Leeming - back at Royal Melbourne



Paul Tabley - At Royal Melbourne
Marc Benkemoun - Been around the world
Chris Chapman - Royal Melbourne

Pro Tournament Photos
20/01/08 Australian Open
Pros at Australian Open 2008
19/07/03 US Open
Pros at the US Open including aussie pros Andrew Fowler and Brad Dale