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Last Update:  04 September 2012


02/09/12 The Royal Melbourne Tennis Club Exhibition Pizza Night
Daniel,Tabs, Jonners & Nicky
02/08/12 The Australian Open Hobart 2012

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Rob Fahey & Steve Virgona
Rob Fahey
Steve Virgona
Rob Fahey
Steve Virgona, Rob Fahey, Kieran & Hilton Booth
Kieran Booth
Steve Virgona
Claire &Sarah Vigrass and Amy & Rosie
Claire Vigrass
Sarah & Claire Vigrass, Kate Leeming & Amy Hayball
Sarah Vigrass
Sarah Vigrass
24/04/12 The World Championship Queens England 2012

(Currently adding pictures daily)

Rob Fahey & Steve Virgona
Rob Fahey, Steve Virgona & Susie Falkner
11/05/11 The Ladies World Championship





Royal Melbourne Tennis Club

Karen Hird close up Karen Hird in awesome form
Kate Leeming slides a backhand back Amy Hayball fires back a return of serve
Karen Hird in action again Rosie Snell stretches wide
Sarah hits centre on the forehand and on the backhand against Karen Hird
Laura concentrates on her serve Karen relaxes between points Claire picks out her target
Sarah watches closely off the back wall Karen steadies on return of serve
Rosie hits awesome forehand Karen digs up a tough one
Sarah in perfect position Hey Claire, this is how it's done . . .
Look at the size of that ball The last line of defence
High flyers  . . . on both teams
Shall we dance Winners are grinners
  What is Karen Hird thinking? The best answer received at by the end of May 2011 will receive a prize . . .  
  Leaping into the record books . . . . .