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World Championship Doubles 

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World Championship Doubles

Hobart Real Tennis Club  29th August - 2nd September 2003

The Winners 2003

World Championship Doubles 

Steve Virgona and Rob Fahey

6/3, 6/2, 6/3, 6/1, 6/1


The plate event was won by Peter Boyles and Gerard Eden who defeated Kieran Booth and Parke O'Dwyer 6/4 6/4
The World Championship Doubles dinner The World Championship Doubles finalists
Rob serving railroad watched by Steve Josh picks up a volley from Steve
Graham Hyland and Barbie Baker Tim moments after epic semi final
Rob and Steve during presentation Steve, eldest sister Ange and niece Chloe
Josh Bainton serving Mark Sayer warms up before semi final
Rob Fahey with parents

 and Rob with Steve


World Championship Doubles Final

Rob Fahey and Steve Virgona  vs Tim Chisholm and Josh Bainton

The First Leg

The Australians came out to hit about five minutes before the Americans, Rob nearly took out Steve in the hit up with a dedans force, Steve just ducking under it in time.

Tim came out next in full white tracksuit with headphones on, followed by Josh.  The galleries were packed.  Rob started the final with a railroad and Tim fired it back almost before Rob had finished his serving action, hitting the roof with the ball while defending himself. 15-0. It was a message from the American.

But the Aussies won the first game as Rob cracked Tim's serve into the dedans.  The match had started at a cracking pace with no quarter given.  Both teams were smacking the ball around. The Americans levelled for 1-1.  Rob served to go 40-0. A love game to the Australians now 2-1 up.  With Josh serving Tim answered blasting three balls to the foot of the tambour for two games all.  The pace had not slowed at all. 3-2 to Steve and Rob.  Tim thought a ball was a chase as it sailed over the net. Rob punched it into second gallery.  The Aussies went ahead 4-2, 5-2.  Rob was serving tight railroads. 40-15 to the Aussies, hazard second gallery chase, Rob blasted it just inside the dedans, mainwall side. First set 6-3 to the Australians.

Second set, Josh serving, Tim starting to pick his shots, 40-0.  A couple of errors from Rob and Steve, Tim and Josh were 2-0.  The third game was a long one but the Australians steadied to take their first game of the set. Steve fired up serving and hitting winners, 40-0.  Rob finished off the game with a gallery winner, 2-2.  Tim stopped a force and his strings splintered in the throat of his racquet.  The Aussies 40-15, chase better than six, won it for 3-2 up. The Aussies lifted the pace up again, 4-2.  Rob serving and held for 5-2.  Steve served to 40-0, chase door, 6-2 to Rob and Steve as Tim dumped an overhead in the net.  

Tim serving, turned into a long game with both teams serving several times, Tim and Josh finally holding 1-0.  With Josh serving, Steve returned serve superbly and then, saved a grille smashing it at Josh's feet.  Steve served with Tim saving an awesome shot for the grille.  The Aussies finally held for 1-1.  With Tim serving, a ball just rolled out of the nick at Tim's feet as one of Rob's racquets exploded while returning serve.  The Australians 2-1.  Steve's serve started to hurt Josh as the Aussies pressed their attack 3-1.  The Americans fought back for 3-2, but the Aussies forced at the hazard end for 4-2.  The Americans took the fight back to the Aussies for 4-3.  Josh serving, but Aussies took back the serve for no strokes. Steve serving 40-0, 5-3.  Josh missed a volley, Rob hit one in the net, the pace went up, 40-15 more than a yard worse. Tim's shot off the tambour found the net, 6-3 to the Australians.

The forth set started with Rob now serving to Josh, 1-0 Aussies.  In the next game, Steve played a great overhead off the side penthouse followed by a full blooded drive volley by Rob.  Tim answered blasting his own force, deuce.  Tim serving to Steve. Tim played a behind the back shot off the battery of dedans wall but it did not lift, 2-0 the Australians.  Rob
serving, but the Americans scored, 2-1. Josh serving looked up to see both Aussies at the net volleying at the hazard end 3-1.  Rob started peppering the dedans with Steve cleaning up any loose ends 4-1. Steve serving, Tim's ball found the net while Rob's ball found Tim. 40-0, Rob and Steve 5-1.  Josh serving 30-30, two chases, Rob to serve, Steve hits winning gallery 40-30. Forth set to the Australians 6-1.

Rob Fahey and Steve Virgona lead Tim Chisholm and Josh Bainton 6/3, 6/2, 6/3, 6/1

The Second Leg

The fifth set started with Rob and Steve at the serving end.  Rob serves a railroad and Tim slams it in the net, 15-0.  Second point, Rob serves, Tim returns serve and Rob hits it tight against the main wall.  Josh hits it in the net, 30-0.  Tim slams one back at Steve with too much pace to handle, 30-15.  Rob makes an error on a volley for 30-30.  Josh hits one in the dedans 40-30. An error by the Aussies and it's 1-0 to the Americans.  They are not hitting as hard continually as the first night.  The hit up before the match was shorter too. The players are still settling in.  Rob serves second game, gets to 40-30, game to the Australians, the crowd quiet for a second finally reacts, 1-1.  Steve serves to Josh, 40-30, chase the last gallery. Tim serves to Rob, Rob returns well, game to Rob and Steve 2-1.  Tim hits unforced error first point of forth game, it turns out to be longest game of the set.  Josh get a chance to serve.  Tim hits huge winning gallery, but the Aussies fight back.  Steve serve and volleys to the foot of the tambour.  Tim hits another unforced error in the net, Tim has to play the next shot hugging tambour wall, advantage Aussies.  Rob hits a ball in the net, deuce, Steve hits dedans for advantage the pace is still generally slower than last night but there are a shots now and then like bullets. Steve serves railroad, Rob hits shot into the winning gallery, game to the Aussies 3-1.  Tim hits unforced error into the ground, Josh does the same thing on the next point.  Tim smacks one in the dedans.  Tim is trying to force things to happen, but Rob hits winning gallery again, 4-1.  Josh serves, Tim hits it out of court 15-0, Tim makes another error, 30-0, chase the door, Josh hits to foot of tambour, 30-15, chase worse than six, Steve serves, Rob hits a smash into the net 30-30, Rob plays an unreturnable shot, 40-30. Steve hits great bobble, 5-1.  Rob serves, 15-0, Tim finds the net again, 30-0.   Josh hits the ball into the net, 40-0 and chase nearly a yard worse.  Rob returns Tim's serve, unplayable as hits floor twice, game, set, match, world doubles championship to Rob Fahey and Steve Virgona 6/3, 6/2, 6/3, 6/1, 6/1.

World Championship Doubles Semi Finals

First Semi Final

Mike Happell and Mark Sayer vs Rob Fahey and Steve Virgona

The first set was fairly even with both pairs taking the lead, in fact Mike and Mark were 4-3 up before Rob and Steve took the next three games, not easy but comfortably.

Rob and Steve were controlling the serving end from the end of the first set and the start of the second set and went to a lead of 3-1 in that set.  Rob and Steve by this stage were masters of the court.  Mike and Mark pulled together and levelled the score at three all and four all.  However, they never hit the lead.  Rob and Steve pulled away with strong forcing from the hazard end and teaming well together.  Both their games were flowing together as one at this stage.  They won the second set 6-4.

The quickest four games so far were the first four games of the third set with Rob and Steve holding the service end for what seemed forever.  At 2-5 down, Mike and Mark started varying their serves to some effect but it was too late.  At 3-5 down and 0-40 down Mark Sayer ringed the grille, but it dropped down and Steve hammered it high above the penthouse and it rebounded out for chase the door.  Rob hammered the next return of serve below the grilled and the match was theirs, they were in the final.

Rob Fahey and Steve Virgona defeated Mike Happell and Mark Sayer 6/4 6/4 6/3.

Second Semi Final

Ruaraidh Gunn and Nick Wood vs Tim Chisholm and Josh Bainton

Ruaraidh was on fire early.  He was here to win.  The Brits opened up with a 6-0 first set, Ruaraidh lifting his team and taking the lead.  Nick was backing up well and hitting those clean clinical shots he is known for.

Nick and Ruaraidh went to a 3-1 lead in the second set before Josh hit a superb overhead smash in the grille for 2-3.  The Americans fought hard from the hazard end and Josh peppered the grilled with a couple from the second gallery. However, the second set went to the Brits 6-4 when Josh unfortunately double hit on return of serve.

The Americans started their third set attack at the hazard end winning the first game and then going 2-0 and 3-0 up at the serving end. Tim started digging in and cracking drives to the foot of the tambour. At 1-5, Nick hit an awesome winning gallery and came back to 2-5, however, Tim and Josh won the set 6-2.

Again the Americans started their attack from the hazard end in the fourth set and went 1-0 up. This set went game for game, 1-1,2-2, etc. all the way to 5-5.  The Americans finally took the set 6-5. The match score was now 2 sets all.

Controversy started the fifth set when Josh hammered a ball and the net with his racquet. Marker Brad Dale was spot on with his call.  Tim was hitting the ball harder and harder, he was running for everything.  At 2-3 down Josh missed a volley to go down 2-4, but made up for it with a great shot for 3-4.  At 4-4 the Americans got the serve and held on to make the final, finally winning 6-4.

Tim Chisholm and Josh Bainton defeated Ruaraidh Gunn and Nick Wood 0/6, 4/6, 6/2, 6/5, 6/4.

World Championship Doubles Draw 
R Fahey & S Virgona  
ACurley & T Alexander  R Fahey & S Virgona 6/0,6/0,6/0
  R Fahey & S Virgona 6/4, 6/4, 6/3
 K Booth & P O'Dwyer M Happell & M Sayer 6/2,6/1,6/5
M Happell & M Sayer  
  R Fahey & S Virgona 6/3, 6/2, 6/3, 6/1, 6/1
N Wood & R Gunn   World Doubles Champions 2003
B Dale & G Hyland  N Wood & R Gunn 6/2,6/0,6/2
 J Bainton & T Chisholm 0/6, 4/6, 6/2, 6/5, 6/4
P Boyles & G Eden  J Bainton & T Chisholm 6/1,6/5,6/1
J Bainton & T Chisholm