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During the late seventies, two tennis professionals started a stringing business to help them earn extra cash for playing tennis overseas. Wayne Davies left the business and went on to become world champion of royal or real tennis.  Doug Grant remained in the business and while travelling the tennis circuit looked for other areas of tennis to expand into.

This led to a company called Racquets Plus Pty Ltd now owned by Doug Grant which covers all areas of tennis including coaching, stringing racquets, servicing tennis courts, supplying court equipment and for almost twenty years a retail tennis outlet.

Racquets Plus Pty Ltd were stringers to Australian Open & Davis Cup players. In 1999, after a fire, it was decided to close the retail side while still continuing the Restring, Coaching and Court Service Divisions. The Racquets Plus logo still remains and will continue to do so on many racquets restrung annually.

The Coaching Division “Doug Grant Tennis Specialist” coaches players from beginners all the way to Grand Slam tournaments. 

Our Tennis Court Service Division “Courtcare” specializes in keeping private home courts and tennis club courts in top playing condition. Courtcare maintains hundreds of courts all over Melbourne and Victoria on a regular basis using unique equipment developed by Courtcare.

Racquets Plus had been involved in sponsoring tournaments to help Australian tennis players and was involved recently in the building of a real tennis court in Sydney. The club has recently named a tournament after Doug Grant in recognition of his involvement and interest in the game.

Doug now spends time in Nepal taking groups for tennis, trekking and climbing in the Himalayas. Doug also works with the national teams of Nepal and Bhutan, and promotes tennis in schools and villages throughout the Himalayas.


Doug playing in Boomerang Cup

Doug playing real tennis, Boomerang Cup, Royal Melbourne


Doug trekking in Nepal beside Mount Everest


 Courtcare Tennis Court Service

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