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Tennis Posts & Nets - New & Repairs


New Tennis Posts

All brands

Net Posts Repairs

Replacement Posts or Post Parts



New Tennis Nets

Post to Post or Post to Winder
Full Drop or Two Foot Six Drop

Net Repairs

Replace top band of net 
Replace bottom band of net  

New net cable

Draw Curtains

Draw Curtains made to measure

Centre Straps
Centre Strap Anchors
Ball Throwing Machines
Lobster Elite Ball Throwing Machine
Lobster Elite Ball Throwing Machine
Lobster Elite Ball Throwing Machine
Holds 150 Tennis Balls

Horizontal and Vertical 

Random Shot Pattern    

Rechargable Battery and 

Cordless Remote

Basic model available from $2195 

Ball Pick Up Baskets
Klipspringer Ball Pick Up

Ball Pick Up 

Holds 100 Balls


Ball Pickup Tubes
Tretorn Ball Pickup Tube
Holds 15 Tennis Balls

Includes Shoulder Strap 


Drag Mats
Aussie Clean Sweep Drag Mat
Aussie Cleen Sweep Drag Mat
Aussie Clean Sweep Drag Mat close up

Removes leaves and court litter

Great for keeping the court 

clean between maintenance calls

For Synthetic Grass, Acrylic 

or Red Porous Courts    

Current POA 
Tennis Balls
Tretorn Micro X tennis ball

Tretorn Micro X Tennis Balls 


The best tennis balls in the world


They never loose the bounce 


Pressurised with 700 million micro cells



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